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How to Differentiate Your Product in Search Results: 5 Rich Snippet Types for Ecommerce
In 2011, the Moz blog came out with an article: “Schema markup: why you’re behind if you’re not using it”. Almost three years later, this statement is, in my opinion, truer than ever. While doing some online holiday shopping in the past couple weeks, a single product search on Google brought me results that included 14 examples of rich snippets (and many included more than one type of rich snippet per result).

Date: 2013-12-11

Monitoring Transactions and Revenue with Google Analytics' E-Commerce Tracking
If you’re an online retailer who doesn’t track sales and revenue, then you’re missing out on a wealth of data. Not just any data, but data that can help you make informed marketing decisions about where to spend display ad dollars, which keywords generate the most revenue, and which websites or search engines send you the most revenue, not just traffic (although these may be the same).

Date: 2013-11-27

Earnings Report Released For Yelp
Yelp has just released its earnings report for the third quarter. Revenue was up 68% year-over-year at $61.2 million for the quarter.

Date: 2013-10-30

Cybersquatter Forced To Hand Over Domain Rights To Pinterest
Pinterest has won an injunction against a known cybersquatter who will be forced to give up the rights to over 100 domains that utilize typos to direct users away from, and to his own locations filled with ads and spammy links.

Date: 2013-10-02

Make billing painless with FreshBooks
Built for small business owners to track time, log expenses and invoice clients in record time

Date: 2013-09-05

Adwords Dynamic Remarketing and eCommerce
I have been writing a lot lately about features in Google Analytics and Google Adwords that can benefit eCommerce websites (you can check those out here, here, and here), and this post is no different (don’t stop ’til you get enough!).

Date: 2013-09-04

Recent Google+ Hangout Teaches You About Ecommerce And Goal Tracking
Google recently held a Google+ hangout discussing how to utilize ecommerce and goal tracking. it’s actually the second part in a series of hangouts about Analytics, if you’re selling online, this one might be for you.

Date: 2013-08-14

Make billing painless with FreshBooks
Built for small business owners to track time, log expenses and invoice clients in record time

Date: 2013-08-01

Is Your Website Fast Enough?
A one second delay in page load time equals a 3% drop in revenue per visitor, 7% fewer conversions, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Date: 2013-07-30

The Future of Advanced Segments in Google Analytics and What It Means For Ecommerce
Advanced segments in Google Analytics give users great insight into the finer points of the type of traffic coming to their website. These segments allow you to quickly separate and identify subsets of traffic with predefined and custom segments.

Date: 2013-07-24

Make billing painless with FreshBooks
Built for small business owners to track time, log expenses and invoice clients in record time

Date: 2013-07-18

PayMobile Builds Brand Loyalty through Social Media
Corduro, who operates the consumer app PayMobile, announced a new way for businesses to directly reach their best customers last week, and also simplify commerce and consumer rewards through the consumer mobile payment app . Even though Corduro supports in-store, online, and mobile payments with complete back-office integration, the emphasis on mobile could not have come at a better time, with the industry set to explode according to many.

Date: 2013-07-10

Make billing painless with FreshBooks
Built for small business owners to track time, log expenses and invoice clients in record time

Date: 2013-06-20

Webinar For Google Shopping Covers Profit Maximization Of Listing Ads
Google held a Google Shopping webinar last week, which it has now made available for anybody to watch at their leisure. It’s called “Maximizing Profitability with Product Listing Ads,” and covers a variety of tactics for doing just that.

Date: 2013-06-19

Increase Your Checkout Conversion Rate [Free Trial]
A website is no different from a physical retail store in that people want to feel like they're getting service. Websites and physical stores suffer a similar problem: it's shocking how many people shop all the way to checkout and decide to opt out of the purchase!

Date: 2013-06-14

Free Whitepaper: 7 Ways to Generate Revenue with Customer Service
Customer service will always be vital for ensuring customer loyalty and an outstanding customer experience through the swift resolution of their support issues.

Date: 2013-06-10

Square Expands To Japan, The First Outside Of North America
Square is available in Japan with the support and partnership of Sumitomo Mitsui Card Corporation (SMCC). Responsible for introducing Visa to Japan, SMCC is widely recognized and respected for its ability to provide a wide range of solutions, including a comprehensive and highly secure credit card and payment solution.

Date: 2013-05-29

Make billing painless with FreshBooks
Discover the fastest way to invoice your clients, log expenses and track time in the cloud.

Date: 2013-05-23

$2 Billion dollars in shipping refunds are left unclaimed
$2 Billion dollars in FedEx & UPS shipping refunds are left unclaimed every year. Are you owed money?

Date: 2013-05-20

B2B Marketers Should Take Another Look at E-Commerce
E-commerce opportunity is evolving fast, but only 25% of B2B marketers are taking advantage of it, according to a 2012 Oracle study. Time for another look. The typical B2B company selling online is the classic catalogers like Edmund Optics and Seton, which were fast to supplement their print catalogs with e-commerce.

Date: 2013-05-06

Can Affiliates Help You Increase Sales?
On our radio show Ecom Experts, we are learning all about Affiliate Programs with Shawn Collins.

Date: 2013-04-16

Android And iOS Get New Search Refinements In Google Shopper
The Google Shopper app for Android and iOS just got a new update with version 3.2, which adds some new search refinement options to make shopping easier.

Date: 2013-03-27

Amex-Like Offers Coming To Foursquare
In early 2011, Foursquare and American Express launched a partnership that allowed card-owners to score discounts and cashback by using Foursquare to check-in and spend at certain participating businesses around the country. The program made a big splash on Small Business Saturday (the shopping day after Black Friday) and featured offers like “spend $25 get $25 off.”

Date: 2013-03-06

Why All Online Retailers Should Be Using Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking
As you all know, I’m a huge advocate of Google Analytics. The more insight you can get into your site traffic, the better. So, if you are an online retailer, I hope you have already implemented, or at least have it on your radar to implement Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking. Just like most other Analytics data you can derive, the purpose is essentially to give you more information regarding visitor actions, just now on a more advanced level.

Date: 2013-02-20

Why Use Unique eCommerce Website Copy?
Duplicate content is a problem that can keep your website from getting the higher rankings that it otherwise would. This is a no brainier. Anyone who knows how to optimize websites knows this, and we build our information architecture in a way that insures our product pages don’t appear on different URLs. If they do, we know how to canonicalize the more important version. With the different methods that we can employ to prevent an eCommerce website from duplicating its own content, plenty of seasoned and competent webmasters are still using boilerplate copy on their product pages.

Date: 2013-02-06

USPS 2013 Rate Change - Save on Postage, Free Trial
The NEW Digital Mailroom is the most flexible mailing and shipping system for business people with small offices, but big goals.

Date: 2013-01-22

What Credit Card Should You Use? There's an App for That
Santa Monica based Wallaby Financial, whose company aims to provide a cloud-based digital wallet solution designed to maximize users credit card rewards, announced the release of it’s Android app, after initially launching on iOS back in November. With the average consumer confused and under-utilizing credit card company loyalty and reward programs, Wallaby launched last January out of southern California startup/accelerator program, MuckerLab to solve this problem.

Date: 2013-01-14

Have You Taken Advantage of The Google Wallet API's?
Earlier this year, Google launched some new Google Wallet APIs. Since then, the company has been trying to educate developers on how to best take advantage of them.

Date: 2013-01-02

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