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Using Free Publicity To Build Your Web Site Links And Traffic
So, you have a great product or service, yet your web site is not getting the high rankings and traffic you desire from the top search engines like Google and MSN Search.

Creative Customer Service Strategies
Customers are kind of funny. They will rarely tell you how you messed up, they will simply leave. Poof...gone! No matter what the size of your firm there are ways to get to the bottom of this problem.

Getting The “R” In ROI From Web-Generated Leads
In the B2C world, the calculation of eCommerce ROI can seem deceptively simple. For example, FuzzyWorlds's web marketing manager (the buyer) pays 5 cents per click for "fleece vest" to lead buyers to a website where they can purchase a FuzzyWorld-logo fleece vest. If it takes 50 clicks on "fleece vest" to move a vest for which they get $5.00 profit or margin . . . depending on FuzzyWorld's model . . ., they have realized an ROI of 100% ($5.00-$2.50/$2.50) less the time-value of money for this pay-per-click (ppc) option.

Selling Globally With Your Web-Based Business
If you are living in the USA or Canada and you operate a web- based business such as an online store, chances are you have limited your target audience to your home country. Opening your doors to customers around the world is something every business that utilizes the internet should consider. There are several myths that prevent many online business people from accepting customers from abroad.

EcommNewz introduces the powerful WebsiteForge eCommerce
The WebsiteForge eCommerce website system provides thousands of dollars worth of features for a fraction of the price. Everything you need for selling on the Internet is included!

Seven Shopping Cart Enhancements To Increase Your Sales
For online businesses with their main goal of selling products, shopping cart abandonment can mean the difference between profitability and loss. But since recent surveys suggest that less than 50% of retailers know their shopping cart abandonment rate, let's review what it is and why it is important to know.

Article Syndication - A New Vehicle For King Content
New websites are being launched daily. In order to compete, webmasters need to find alternative ways of producing themed websites.

Streamline your order processing
The Stone Edge Order Manager imports orders directly from your shopping cart, then gives you the tools you need to manage your business efficiently and cost effectively. The Order Manager streamlines the entire process of reviewing, processing and shipping orders: Handle backorders, returns and exchanges with just a few button clicks.

Project Portfolio Management Made Easy
QuickBase® from Intuit can help. The Web-based Project Portfolio Manager application makes organizing, managing, and analyzing IT projects as a portfolio of investments simple.

Remove All Evidence of Your Online Activity
Protect your data and privacy and remove all evidence of your computer and online activity with East-Tec Eraser 2004. Eraser goes beyond U.S. Department of Defense...

Accepting Payments Online: Which System To Choose?
If you are selling goods or services, software or other stuff you need to arrange online payment mechanism for your customers.

Website Globalization
The Internet has unlocked a wide array of markets and knocked down barriers that previously prevented merchants from marketing their products on a global scale.

Make money offering your own site toolbar
Creating your own site toolbar is free, fast and easy with our web editor. Add to your toolbar images, menus, sub menus, textboxes, links and separators.

7 Things You Can Add To Help Your Site Sell
In my conversations with hundreds of business owners I have met over the years, the same questions seems to pop-up over and over again. Can you build me a site that gives me a steady flow of sales? We are bombarded daily with get-rich quick schemes. Most of these statements have no basis in reality.

How To Implement E-business Solutions Successfully
According to Gartner Group, a renowned research firm, a full 75 percent of all e-business projects fail due to poor planning and unrealistic expectations of new technology. The productivity gains and cost savings promised by e-business solutions are often lost not because of the technology itself but because of improper management of their implementation.


Yahoo! Acquires Musicmatch For $160 Million
Yahoo and Musicmatch announced they have signed a definitive agreement under which Yahoo! will acquire Musicmatch for a purchase price of approximately $160 million in cash.

How To Use Your Website To Increase Revenue From Your Clients And Their Friends
One of the best ways to increase revenue is to increase your sales to existing clients.

In fact, it's fair to say a client in hand is worth four in the bush. Existing clients can be very effective at bringing you new business as well because you have likely helped them solve a problem and helped bring them success. Besides a paycheck, your clients will often reward you by unconsciously selling others on your products and/or services...


Rising Keyword Expenses Reducing Profitability
The cheap keyword prices found by search engine advertising's early adopters are disappearing, which is making the great early returns on investment harder to find. Profitability, in the eyes of one Internet expert, will now come only with a little creativity.

Powerful Network Management Utility
QuickBase is Web-based, so you can view the latest information, then share it instantly with anyone on your team. No more details falling through the cracks or not knowing who was responsible for a particular task.

Google AdSense Ads To Be Available For Bloggers
Biz Stone, Google employee for, has announced that Blogger members will now be able to display AdSense ads within their personal blog space. Biz and Google are presenting the new feature as a "Get Paid For Blogging" opportunity. News of this was first revealed on by Biz on his personal Blog.

Web-based Project Management
QuickBase is Web-based, so you can view the latest information, then share it instantly with anyone on your team. No more details falling through the cracks or not knowing who was responsible for a particular task.

Don't Overpay for Postage
Trying is believing. Which is why we're offering your small business a 60-day risk-free trial of the Personal Post™ postage meter and scale.

Google Expects IPO To Be Completed Soon
Google, the most widely used search engine today, is hoping to complete the final testing phase in order to go forward with its highly anticipated IPO. Google announced its intentions to go public on April 29th. The offering is expected to raise $2.7 billion.

Usability And Listening To Customers Have Limits
Listening to customers and making sure your website is usable are important to website success. It is much more important, however, to have a website that delivers real value both to the organization and the reader. Going for value can sometimes mean going against customer feedback and usability best practice.

Insight: Failure And Success In Online Business
Creativity and Determination are the KEY ingredients in all online success stories. So many times, as a moderator and participant in the net's most active and lauded online marketing forum, The Internet Marketing Warriors, I have heard the same questions repeated by hopeful marketer after hopeful marketer. And mostly they begin with "How do I...?"

WebSourced Acquires Engine Studio
CGI Holding Corporation today announced that its WebSourced, Inc. subsidiary has acquired the assets of Engine Studio, Inc. Engine Studio has two sites, and, that offer search engine marketing services.

WebSourced Acquires Engine Studio
For every marketing purchase he makes he has to demonstrate a return and he makes all his decisions based on metrics.

Gmail To Support Mobile Technology
Google's email service, Gmail, has been the topic of much discussion among the internet communities. Every aspect of Google's new service has been dissected, with both negative and positive points of view receiving equal time. All the while Gmail hasn't even left its beta testing stage.

Hitwise Releases Highlights Of Online Search Sector Report
Competitive intelligence service Hitwise has released highlights of a report it conducted on the search engine industry. The report studied the amount of traffic search engines receive, the amount of visitor growth experienced, demographic information, and which categories garnered the most visitors.

Hewlett-Packard Customers Showing "Brand Love"
Allison Johnson is the Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Communications for Hewlett-Packard and she delivered a keynote address this morning on "The Changing Role of Interactive in Global Marketing."

DoubleClick Buys Search Marketer Performics
Internet-based ad company DoubleClick has announced its intended purchase of Performics, a search engine marketing company. The deal is expected to be worth $65 million with DoubleClick paying $58 million in cash. The remaining $7 million will come from future earnings.


Grokker 2.1 Features Google Results

Visual search software producer Groxis has announced the release of the newest version of their software, Grokker 2.1, which features Google's API. Freely available to all Grokker 2.1 customers, the Google plug-in provides Groxis' customers with visual access to Google's search results. .


Google Denies Goldman Sachs From IPO
Search engine Google dropped Goldman Sachs as an underwriter for their upcoming IPO. Goldman Sachs was removed from consideration based on Google's claims that the investment bank acted in a manner that angered them.


Google AdSense Serving PSAs
Speculation about whether Google's ad server working or not has come up. The reason for the questioning is because people have found a larger than normal amount of Google public server ads (PSA) where regular AdSense ads should be appearing.


AskJeeves Becomes Hotter Commodity
With search engine AskJeeves seeing it's stock rise 8% to $39 a share yesterday due, in part, to Wall Street accolades, the search engine has become an attractive search engine to the big guys.


Yahoo Doubles Profits, Announces Stock Split
Yahoo released its 1st quarterly report for this fiscal year, and the news for the web's most popular portal was filled with superlatives. The newest report shows that Yahoo more than doubled last year's first quarter profits.


SSL: Myths And Magic
About once a week we get asked if we use SSL certificates. The answer may come as a surprise to our e-commerce friends, considering that we process hundreds of credit card transactions every month.


Web Alerts From Google
This week, Google introduced a service that emails news and updated results based on user-determined topics of interest.

These mailings contain updates that are taken from the top 10 news results as well as the top 20 search results. If new information is found in these queries, Google emails the alert to the user.


Accepting Payments Online
If you want to sell online, you need to be able to accept credit card payments. The traditional way is to open a merchant account. However, opening a merchant account is expensive, especially for small businesses who are just starting.


The Site Match Stink
Apparently, there was a big stink during one session yesterday when Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan pulled Yahoo's Tim Mayer up onstage to discuss Site Match.

Naturally, the issue of pricing came up. Prices for Site Match start out at $49 for the first URL and $10 - $29 for every additional URL submitted. This doesn’t include the cost-per-click fee, which is fifteen to thirty cents per click and varies depending on the industry.


The Nuts And Bolts Of Information Security Part 3 : Design Considerations
In part 2 of this 4 part article on information security, the CISP policy (Cardholder Information Security Policy) being mandated by financial acquiring networks was covered. These mandates were mainly about protecting the credit cardholder and the acquiring merchant bank from having vital information fall into the wrong hands.


The Nuts And Bolts Of Information Security Part 2: CISP Mandates
This installment reviews the security requirements being mandated by the financial acquiring networks. They include VisaNet International, American Express, Nova, and Wells Fargo over which credit card transactions are settled. The requirements were announced last year, are similar across all networks, and affect every merchant taking credit cards through an on-line store.


The Nuts And Bolts Of Risk Management
Are you at risk? If your vital information is, then so are you. While you're struggling to make sales or generate Web site traffic, managing risks to protect vital information is probably the furthest thing from your mind. None-the-less, as times become more perilous, risk management is an essential part of the on-line presence.


Web Site Monitoring Is A Global Necessity
Bill Huang sits down at his computer. As he connects to the Internet, he glances out at the sun poking its nose above the Hong Kong skyline. It will be another busy day, and he has to order those slippers for his wife before rushing off to a meeting.


Your Website: Beyond "Hits"
Your Website visitor reports are a goldmine of information. If you don't review these on a regular basis, you can't fully evaluate the return on your Web investment. And, you could miss critical clues as to how user-friendly your site is, how effectively your message reaches your visitors, and what unmet needs they may have.


Guide to Accepting Payments Online
Still not accepting payments online? Then you could be missing out on the millions of people who use the Internet to make purchases—costing you significant revenue opportunities!


E-Commerce To Drive I.T. Spending
The latest report from Forrester shows that I.T. spending growth by e-commerce firms will outpace I.T. spending overall, with security and consulting topping the wish lists among the companies surveyed. I.T. spending in general is on track to rise only 1.7 percent this year, according to a Forrester survey of 818 CIOs and I.T. decision makers at North American firms.


Try Scene7 Dynamic Imaging On Demand FREE, Boost Web Revenues
Let your customers zoom, spin, see all colors and texture options, view layered information and details using Scene7's hosted Dynamic Imaging On Demand solution for e-commerce.

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