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Outsourcing IT Development: Advantages And Disadvantages
You can outsource almost anything. Maybe you don't know it yet, but it's true. A couple of days ago, when I was drinking coffee in the kitchen, my wife pointed at the faucet that was leaking big time. The good ole faucet was there when we moved in about ten years ago, and trying to fix it again didn't make sense any more. Since I religiously believe in DIY, I bought a new faucet and set about working.


It's easier than ever to process secure payments online
Still not accepting payments online? Then you could be missing out on the millions of people who use the Internet to make purchases—costing you significant revenue opportunities!


A Quick Guide To Traffic Analysis
Recently, I talked with a speaker about her "extremely successful" Website. She based this opinion on the fact that she was selling several e-books every day and generating "some calls". When I asked if she was reviewing her traffic analysis, she said "No, why should we - it's clearly working - we can tell that from the sales". I didn't ask if she knew how her sales and calls compared to the actual visitor numbers for the site - I suspected that she'd have been shocked to learn how many more opportunities she was losing.


Coping With VAT: EU's New eCommerce Tax
The EU VAT directive has caused significant controversy amongst developers and online software registration services. Part of the confusion has comes from the vagueness in the directive and questions with regards to the jurisdiction that the EU has over the US to enforce its policies. The implementation has skewed the playing field in favor of EU companies, while putting a significant burden on US businesses that do not benefit from the tax.


Finding Targeted Keyword Phrases Your Competitors Miss
Finding keyword phrases your competition is missing is easier than you might think. Combinations of two and three word phrases are often overlooked by your competitors when vying for the top competitive terms. This missed opportunity may be a benefit to you to overcome your competition in the search engine rankings.


The More 'Hits,' The Better?
Firstly, a 'hit' does not necessarily equate with a web page viewed. A web page consists of the basic page (the HTML), plus each graphic image included in the page: each is a separate file. A 'hit' refers to each file served, so a page with five images equals six hits. Thus the relevant statistic from your server report from a marketing perspective is page views.


Increase sales on your web site
More traffic, more leads, more sales. Display your business in search results on the Web’s premier sites


3rd party processing, PayPal and Other
3rd party processing is a service provided by a third party for facilitating a credit card transaction between customer and merchant. Before the Internet, third party processing was seldom used. With the lure of the Internet, small and home businesses going on-line have had to find ways to take credit cards in order to remain competitive.


Online Marketing: Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
The idea is pretty simple. You put in a "bid" for how much you're willing to pay per click-through on certain keywords - the higher your bid, the higher you appear in the results for that keyword. A click-through is when a searcher clicks on your link in the engine and comes to your site. Regardless of whether this searcher purchases anything or not, you pay for them to come to your site.


The Future Of Search Engine Optimizing: Theme Engines
If you've been following the evolution of search engine optimization strategies, you know that the game's not getting any easier. Not only that, but traditional forms of optimizing aren't as effective as they once were. Am I telling you anything you don't already know?


Google AdSense - A Content Publisher's Dream
According to Google, "Google AdSense is for web publishers who want to make more revenue from advertising on their site while maintaining editorial quality. Today, many publishers must choose between unsold inventory and untargeted banner ads. Google AdSense improves this situation by delivering text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to what your readers see on your pages — and Google pays you."


SEO: Steps to Higher Quality Traffic
We all know that more traffic equals more sales. is an easy inexpensive marketing solution. With Mamma Classifieds Your site is evenly rotated within the top three listings on, and placement within the network. This unique mix results in an easy to manage and cost effective campaign that allows you to receive more targetted traffic to your site.


The Clickbank Crash Of 2003: Lessons Learned
I had a rude awakening recently. I checked the days' worth of sales from one of my sites and there were none. This had never happened before and of course I was anxious to find out what was wrong.


Do Numbers Help Online?
Demographics about the Web abound. You may find such data helpful. In general, when I look at the research available, I get a feeling it's incomplete. The Web is so vast, I don't think it's possible to find a small representative sample from which significant results can be obtained that reflect the whole. In the end, what is reported with numbers may not matter at all to you, even though the source is impeccable.


Click Your Way To Profits With Pay Per Clicks
Things have changed. Today, with billions of pages, and many of the once free search engines going to fee models, your chances of being found in the search engines is pretty slim unless you can devote yourself full-time to search engine submission.


How To Build Your E-Newsletter List
Building an email list can be an involved process. This reader wrote in to Michael Katz, e-newsletter expert, asking about the best ways to build the list for her stress relief site. Michael's suggestions will work for your site too.


Should You Really Pay Per Click? Cost Saving Alternatives
Many advertisers continue to use pay-per-click advertising because they are unaware of any alternatives. The fact is, there are very promising search engines that may be used as an alternative or supplement to a PPCSE campaign. Even if you have dropped your PPCSE advertising altogether because you cannot find that blend of quality, high-volume traffic along with a low bid price, you will want to consider these alternative search engines.


Don't Overpay for Postage
Take two months to experience all the advantages of this easy-to-use mail system for small business. And rest assured that you're fully covered by their 60-Day Guarantee. Plus, you'll get this bonus gift with your order


Looking for an easy way to reach your site visitors?
VerticalResponse's iBuilder is the email marketing solution you need to build your opt-in mailing lists, publish your online newsletters and manage your direct email advertising campaigns, right from your browser.


Emergency Marketing Response - The SARS Outbreak And Toronto Based Clients
The panic was real. Even before the World Health Organization issued its now rescinded advisory against unnecessary travel to Toronto, the media had hyped fears of SARS into plague-like proportions leading to significant declines in tourism and travel to Toronto. Conventions were cancelled, hotel rooms left vacant and empty seats at Jays games told the story of millions of dollars suddenly withdrawn from the downtown economy. Businesses based on providing services to tourists or other businesses experienced an immediate loss of revenue and are expecting to continue losing money until public perceptions change and visitors return to the city.


Hidden Costs Of Building An E-Commerce Site
On the road to launching a new e-business Web site, all companies budget for obvious costs -- planning, designing, registering and hosting the site -- but if you are not careful, hidden expenses could overwhelm you on the journey. Would-be e-commerce site owners can avoid a lot of surprises by doing just a little bit of homework.


Another Banner E-Com Year Expected
E-tailers who experienced the online holiday retail growth in 2002 should be prepared — analysts are already anticipating increased e-commerce spending by the end of 2003.


Kurant's StoreSense Makes Sense For Small Business
According to research from IDC, there are approximately 5.7 million small and medium-size businesses connected to the Internet, but only a fraction of these organizations are conducting full-fledged e-business over the Web. Kurant, a San Francisco-based provider of e-commerce software, believes it can tip the scales in favor of smaller e-business initiatives.


Always Get Top Placement for Your Keywords
Results appear on and a network of over 2,000 sites and distribution partners including Ask Jeeves,, Copernic, and, and reach over two million unique users a month.


How Small Sites Can Get Noticed
Not sure how to plan your small business's growth on the Web? The Ecommerce Times offers tips on how to best spend your energy when you're just getting started. The tips are also great if you feel your business has stalled and you're not sure what to do. Be sure to read today's news items - one discusses a new scam involving eBay and Pay Pal, while the other has some encouraging news about online business.


Free guide: Making the Internet Work for Your Business.
Learn how your business can benefit from the continued growth in online commerce this year by accepting credit cards on your website.


Online Sales Tax Begins
In early November of last year, a meeting in Chicago, by lawmakers and tax officials from 32 states endorsed a proposal to simplify their tax laws and enter into a voluntary pact to collect online sales taxes. This meeting was the result of what had been called the Streamlined Sales Tax Project...


Find Out Why Profitable E-Commerce Is Easier Than Ever
Discover new integrated services that make it easier than ever to secure your Web site and accept online credit card payments.


Creating Your Online Storefront
Perhaps the most important principle of storefront design is to build a site that conforms to the expectations, questions, and demands of your customers. This means anticipating what your customer needs, predicting what questions will be asked, and quickly providing the answers in a navigable format that keeps your customer oriented and engaged. Contentand Interfaceare equally critical to solid design, so pay the same attention to both. Below are some fundamentals for establishing an effective, customer-friendly web site.


.Net and eCommerce
Dot Net is Microsoft's plan for the next-generation Internet and Web strategy. It is not a new operating system like Windows2000, but rather a new infrastructure in which web and other database servers communicate with each other using various software to fulfill Web-based services.

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