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Do you or your team need mobile marketing learnings and education?

Apsalar, a leader in mobile data and attribution, is debuting a new mobile education initiative offering free "eguides" and "cheatsheets" to marketers that need to know more about mobile and app marketing.

Our educational content is designed to get marketers up to speed quickly and easily. All of our eguides and cheatsheets are free for immediate download. In addition to downloading for yourself, please feel free to share the information and links with people on your team.


For those who need quick tutorials. Our "Take 5" short paper series is designed to help people master important topics in less than 5 minutes.

Take 5 – What is a DMP? Get the facts on this important marketing topic.

Take 5 – What is a Mobile DMP? The data management tool people are talking more and more about.

Take 5 – What is Ad Fraud? Get a quick summary of this critical topic that's costing your business money.

Take 5 – What is the Difference Between First- and Third-Party Cookies? Understand the difference and why both kinds of data matter.

Take 5 – What is an IDFA and Why Does it Matter? Learn the essentials of ad tracking on iOS devices.

Take 5 – What is a DSP? Get up to speed on programmatic media tools and RTB media.

More in-depth resources with action plans and key learnings.

Apsalar Fraud Index: The latest industry data on in-app purchase (IAP) fraud, and click fraud in the app industry.

35 Tips for Successfully Marketing mCommerce Apps: Proven ideas to grow app sales and ROI

How to Choose a Data Management Platform – Outlines 10 questions you should ask potential DMP vendors about their offerings, so that you can make the best informed decision.

How to Choose an Attribution Platform for mCommerce Apps – If your app(s) are a key part of the way you monetize, download this document to find out what to look for in an ideal measurement and analytics platform.

4 Ways to Improve DMPs and Customer Profiles – If you've already got a DMP and a data-driven approach to marketing, here are some important ways that you can improve results.

Is Half of Your Customer Data Missing? – Explains how mobile data should fit into your overall data strategy.

Getting it Together: A Primer on Uniting Mobile and PC Customer Data: From a feature story on iMediaConnection, an explanation on what it takes to unite PC and mobile customer data.

We hope that you find this educational initiative useful and productive, and if you are considering a mobile data or attribution platform, please get in touch and we can tell you what we have to offer.

The Apsalar Team


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