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November 27, 2013
Dario Ruff Sr. Monitoring Transactions and Revenue with Google Analytics' E-Commerce Tracking
By Dario Ruff Sr.
If you’re an online retailer who doesn’t track sales and revenue, then you’re missing out on a wealth of data. Not just any data, but data that can help you make informed marketing decisions about where to spend display ad dollars, which keywords generate the most revenue, and which websites or search engines send you the most revenue, not just traffic (although these may be the same).

Tracking sales from your website should be one of your first priorities when you set up a shopping cart. Google Analytics e-commerce tracking works with almost all CMS systems, including Magento, Shopify, and even WordPress. Setup is a breeze, and monitoring and reporting are straightforward. Some of the metrics you’ll be able to gather from the tracking software include purchase quantity, items ordered, product category, and sale-referring sources. To which metrics within Google Analytics and e-commerce tracking should you pay the most attention? [...]

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Google Takes An Hour To Explain How To Use Remarketing Lists For Search Ads Google Takes An Hour To Explain How To Use Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
Google has released the recording of a new webinar about remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). [...]
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Helix Brings A Professional 3D Printer To Kickstarter Helix Brings A Professional 3D Printer To Kickstarter
Kickstarter has been a great place to support affordable 3D printers, but most of those projects are intended for hobbyists and consumers. The professional 3D printer market is still largely made up of the big [...]
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How Google Evaluates The Merit Of A Guest Blog Post How Google Evaluates The Merit Of A Guest Blog Post
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Earnings Report Released For Yelp
Yelp has just released its earnings report for the third quarter. Revenue was up 68% year-over-year at $61.2 million for the quarter.

The company beat Wall Street expectations for revenue, but earnings per share weren’t as good as expected at $0.04.

Cumulative reviews grew 42% year-over-year reaching over 47.3 million. Average monthly unique visitors were up 41% year over year at about 117 million, and active local business accounts grew 61% to about 57,200. I guess all that complaining [...]
Cybersquatter Forced To Hand Over Domain Rights To Pinterest Adwords Dynamic Remarketing and eCommerce Recent Google+ Hangout Teaches You About Ecommerce And Goal Tracking
Pinterest has won an injunction against a known cybersquatter who will be forced to give up the rights to over 100 domains that utilize typos to direct users away from, and to his own locations filled with ads and spammy [...] I have been writing a lot lately about features in Google Analytics and Google Adwords that can benefit eCommerce websites (you can check those out here, here, and here), and this post is no different (don’t stop ’til you get enough!). [...] Google recently held a Google+ hangout discussing how to utilize ecommerce and goal tracking. it’s actually the second part in a series of hangouts about Analytics, if you’re selling online, this one might be for you. The next [...]
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