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August 14, 2013
Chris Crum Recent Google+ Hangout Teaches You About Ecommerce And Goal Tracking
By Chris Crum
Google recently held a Google+ hangout discussing how to utilize ecommerce and goal tracking. it’s actually the second part in a series of hangouts about Analytics, if you’re selling online, this one might be for you.

The next part in the series will focus on the multi-channel funnel, event flow and visitors flow. You can keep an eye on the Learn With Google YouTube channel for more videos from the series. [...]

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Google: You Probably Shouldn't Link Your 20 Domains Together Google: You Probably Shouldn't Link Your 20 Domains Together
You know how Google has everybody afraid of links? People are also afraid to link to their own stuff in certain ways, and Google's Webmaster Help video today pretty much indicates that this is with good reason.
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Matt Cutts Talks About Site Downtime's Impact On Rankings Matt Cutts Talks About Site Downtime's Impact On Rankings
Google has released a new Webmaster Help video with Matt Cutts addressing the question: If my site goes down for a day, does that affect my rankings?
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'Google Blockbuster' Algorithm Revealed (On Conan) 'Google Blockbuster' Algorithm Revealed (On Conan)
Google recently put out a whitepaper claiming that Google searches can predict box office totals with 94% accuracy. The paper describes how Google arrives at its results by observing searches for a movie's [...]
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The Future of Advanced Segments in Google Analytics and What It Means For Ecommerce
Advanced segments in Google Analytics give users great insight into the finer points of the type of traffic coming to their website. These segments allow you to quickly separate and identify subsets of traffic with predefined and custom segments. For example, you can segment traffic based off of paid search traffic or mobile device traffic. However, Google recently announced some major changes to advanced segments that will be coming to Google Analytics in the coming months. The main take away from the announcement is [...]
PayMobile Builds Brand Loyalty through Social Media Webinar For Google Shopping Covers Profit Maximization Of Listing Ads Square Expands To Japan, The First Outside Of North America
Corduro, who operates the consumer app PayMobile, announced a new way for businesses to directly reach their best customers last week, and also simplify commerce and consumer rewards through the consumer mobile payment app . Even though Corduro [...] Google held a Google Shopping webinar last week, which it has now made available for anybody to watch at their leisure. It’s called “Maximizing Profitability with Product Listing Ads,” and covers a variety of tactics for doing just that. Taking part in the webinar are Google Shopping Partner Manager Nicole Premo and [...] Japan, say hello to Square. The mobile payments platform has just announced that it is now available in your country. Square is available in Japan with the support and partnership of Sumitomo Mitsui Card Corporation (SMCC). Responsible for [...]
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