$2 Billion dollars in shipping refunds are left unclaimed
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Hundreds of our customers receive thousands of dollars in refunds from 71lbs

$2 Billion dollars in FedEx & UPS shipping refunds are left unclaimed every year.
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71lbs has developed a unique technology to audit your shipments & if your shipments arrive late, 71lbs automatically gets your refunds credited back to you.

How does the FedEx & UPS guarantee work?
If your overnight or ground shipment is late - even by 60 seconds, you are entitled to 100% refund. Most e-commerce businesses are not even aware.

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What customers are saying about 71lbs:
"One week after we signed up, 71lbs gave us over $700 in refunds. And since then, they have given us thousands more. I quickly turned into my company's shipping hero."

- Alex, Logistics manager, food manufacturer
"71lbs has provided us thousands of dollars in refunds. I only wished we would have signed up sooner"

- Randy, Owner, lighting merchant

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