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March 6, 2013
Josh Wolford Amex-Like Offers Coming To Foursquare
By Josh Wolford
In early 2011, Foursquare and American Express launched a partnership that allowed card-owners to score discounts and cashback by using Foursquare to check-in and spend at certain participating businesses around the country. The program made a big splash on Small Business Saturday (the shopping day after Black Friday) and featured offers like “spend $25 get $25 off.”

Later, Foursquare and AMEX extended those deals, even launching them across the pond.

Now, Foursquare is making a move to expand these offers to more types of plastic.

The company has announced that they will be extending these types of specials with both Visa and MasterCard, and most debit cards to provide similar check-in offers alongside participating businesses. [...]

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