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Twitter Users May Represent Ecommerce Goldmine
[2009-09-25] There have been lots of little hints that Twitter is a good place for businesses to establish a presence: the low barrier to entry, the rapid adoption rate, and so on. Now here's another: a new study indicates that Twitter users are more receptive to advertising than people who use other social networks.

Online Shoppers Worry About Security Risks
[2009-02-12] More than half of the UK population still does not shop online, according to a survey by CyberSource.

Give Your Site Advanced Tracking Analytics by Yahoo!
[2008-10-22] If you're a web merchant using the Yahoo Merchant Solutions e-commerce engine, your secret weapon for succeeding online has just been revealed.

Amazon Expands Video On Demand Service
[2008-09-04] has expanded its Video On Demand service and now allows customers to stream movies and television shows through their Web browsers.

The Future of Comparison Shopping
[2008-06-18] A few years ago, comparison shopping engines (CSEs) like, Shopzilla, Nextag and PriceGrabber were hot commodities. Many of them had been acquired for upwards of $500 million, they had strong profits, and a growing customer base. This despite the fact that they had very poor user interfaces, questionable data accuracy, and complicated back-end systems for retailers.

Tealeaf Updates the Customer Behavior Analysis Suite
[2008-05-07] Tealeaf, today announced Tealeaf cxResultsTM, a first-of-its-kind product that changes the way organizations are able to analyze the business impact of the customer experience, and also announced updates to its core Tealeaf CX datastore as well as a new version of Tealeaf cxConnect featuring integrations with many third party tools.

Tips For Internet Retailers During A Recession
[2008-04-23] I confess I am feeling a bit uneasy these days. These are interesting times to be in retail. Having been in business back in 2001, I know what a recession is like, but I also know that it is possible to survive and even flourish during bad times.

Amazon's TextBuyIt Service
[2008-04-02] has a new service - you can compare prices and buy things by text message..

eBay Partner Network is Going Solo
[2008-03-19] I don't know if this had anything to do with Shoemoney's cajoling but eBay is going solo and bringing their affiliate program in-house. They're calling it the eBay Partner Network and launched a new blog about it.

Amazon Launches New Apps On Facebook
[2008-03-13] has launched two applications on social networking site Facebook.

Amazon as a Contender in Q&A
[2008-01-23] If you've visited the online retailer Amazon (they've gone way beyond books and CDs and DVDs for quite some time), you'd notice their foray into a new area with their "Askville" site.

eCommerce Predictions for the Year
[2008-01-08] Everyone else is making predictions, so I guess I will get in on the fun too. The best thing about making predictions is that you will never remember them by the end of the year anyway. (unless I get them right, in which case I will remind you!)

Want To Increase e-Commerce Revenues?
[2007-12-19] Be more like Canadian etailer Gabriel Ross.

Consumer Generated Media & Editorializing Commercial Offers
[2007-11-13] Looking for Christmas oriented keyword research? You would be hard press to find a better list of hot toys this year than to look at's holiday toy list.

Summer Retail Traffic Increased 10%
[2007-10-24] Online retail websites saw an increase in traffic during the summer months in 2007, Hitwise reported today.

Shopping Cart Tips That Even Amazon Could Use
[2007-10-10] How many times have you started shopping, put a great deal of effort in entering all the required information, only to see the "You can't buy now" message.

90% Unhappy with Online Transactions
[2007-09-25] Consumers consistently find that web sites are broken and completing transactions is a major challenge.

Six Steps to be Profitable in Internet Retail
[2007-08-28] Just after I wrote my rather negative post entitled Six reasons NOT to try to be an online retailer, I read Aaron Wall's post about how hard it is to sell yourself if you are too negative. Ouch! Good thing I am not trying to be a consultant or I would be starving.

Harry Potter Helps Amazon in the Second Quarter
[2007-07-25] had a strong second quarter increasing its net income on revenue that rose 35 percent.

Is eBay's PayPal Beta Too Little, Too Late?
[2007-06-27] eBay's electronic payment division PayPal is responsible for the bulk of eBay auction payments, and a new beta version is in the process of being launched.

E-Commerce Sites Continue to Dominate PPC Advertising
[2007-06-06] comScore has recently conducted a study on the relationship between paid search marketing (pay per click advertising) and retail e-commerce.

Amazon Amapedia (Hidden Potential or Dead Duck? )
[2007-05-02] It's been about 5 months since Amazon launched it's own Wikipedia-type site, where users could tag and submit their opinions and review.

Merchants Dish on SEM (A Survey)
[2007-04-04] Internet Retailer has released their latest survey on the state of search engine marketing: oh, the beautiful data.

Automating Your eCommerce Services
[2007-03-12] Automated services as they relate to e-commerce operations are quickly redefining the way entrepreneurs can conduct business online.

Google Shows Checkout Icons For House Ads
[2007-02-28] Google is doing something that can only be described as dishonest.

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